About Andy Clarkson

I have enjoyed painting since childhood and started experimenting in oils as a teenager. I was inspired to start painting regularly about five years ago after visiting Welwyn Garden City Art club's summer exhibition. I joined the club soon after and learned a great deal from demonstrations and fellow members particularly John Jarratt (see john-jarratt.co.uk) who has regularly given great advice and inspiration. I have now joined The Hertford Art Society and am learning a whole lot more from being in the company of many excellent artists. I paint mostly in Oil & Acrylic and have enjoyed some success at exhibitions. My aim is to improve enough over the next ten years to enable me to spend more time painting and less time working, hears hoping! If you are interested in any of my pictures or have a subject you would like a painting of please contact me at andy.clarkson@ntlworld.com. Thanks for visiting my site.